Biometric Keyless Fingerprint Smart Door Lock


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It is easy to install without wiring and drilling! No costly professional is needed for installation! You can install it on your door in about 5 minutes with just a screwdriver. It fits the most single-cylinder door lock, both left and right-handed doors. The Fingerprints of the elderly and children can be accurately and quickly identified.

One-Touch Access: The fingerprint scanner will wake automatically once you place your finger on it and is conveniently positioned to accompany your natural hand position. One seamless action allows you to wake the lock, read your fingerprint, and unlock your door. The whole unlock action takes only 1 second. It can auto relock your door for you, so your home is always safe.

How to determine whether the lock fits your door or not?

1-Measure door’s thickness;

2-Measure the length of the guide sheet;

3-Measure the width of the guide sheet.

Material: Zinc Alloy
Suitable door thickness: 35-50mm
Mortise sizes: 5572/6085/4585/6072
Handle Direction:: Universal for both left and right

Package Included:
1x Biometric Keyless Fingerprint Smart Door Lock


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