4pcs Smart Electronic Keyless Lock


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This Wireless App Control Smart Keyless Lock can replace the traditional key and is controlled by your smartphone. You can lock or unlock your door, open the door for your guests and take control of your home via your smartphone.

This 4PCS wireless app control smart electronic keyless lock is easy to use.

Simply install the smart lock on the door and add the smart lock into your IP phone for control.

Our smart door lock is designed to keep your home or office safe from burglars.

It can be used to secure your kitchen, bath, bedroom or living room.

You can keep your old lock and keys. This lock easily installed on your door, you can still use your old keys. Use this smart lock, you can open the door without a key, you just simply use the Smart APP Bluelok application to open the door by phone. You can share permissions with your friend, grant access for a few weeks, a few hours, a few minutes. It’s up to you.

DIY installation. Install in about 20 minutes with a screwdriver. before order, please check your lock, inside the house and then face your door. If your Lock is on the left side, choose the Left Smart Lock. If your block is on the right side, choose the right side smart lock block.

The owner can set up virtual keys with different permissions and distribute them remotely to family members, tenants, or cleaning aunts. You can flexibly set their time of use. when key after expiration, you can delete key.

Update: Smart APP Bluelok, we have upgraded the software. This is a smart APP tailored for us by professional engineers.


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