2pcs Summer Car Window Sunshade Net


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The side window shade is made of a flexible, stretchy mesh material that helps block the sun, making your child safer and your car cooler. It won’t hurt your car’s paint job or its interior, either. This durable, lightweight fabric pulls down over the car door. Provide your passengers the most comfortable travel experience.

Constructed with flexible mesh – Lightweight and foldable, thus occupying no room inside the car.

Mesh material, placed on both sides of the glass at any time, provides effective reflection and isolation of heat conduct.

Reduces the interior temperature, protects rear-seat passengers from glare and sunburn.

Can protect high temperature in your car under the blazing sun. High breathable mesh allows the airflow into the inside of the car when you roll down the windows.

Stretch Sunshade – easy to install and convenient to use.


Material: Mesh fabric

Color: Black

Front window maximum extension size: 100cm * 50cm (39.4 * 19.7 inches), rear window maximum extension size: 115 * 55cm (45.3 * 21.7 inches)

Package Includes: 2 x car sunshade.


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