Universal Wireless Charging Receiver


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Can’t you enjoy the convenience of wireless charging because your phone is not suitable? Or are your charging port and cables constantly breaking down? Then this product is for you!

Universal wireless charging receivers can solve the problem of not convenient wireless charging for many people. It supports both QI and A4WP standards, which can be used on all QI and A4WP enabled phones. And it does not need to open the case of your phone, which is more convenient than the conventional wireless Qi charging. It can be used on any portable device that supports A4wp/Qi standard.

The Wireless charging device is divided into two parts. One is the wireless charging transmitter, one is the wireless charging receiver. They can’t be separated from each other. If your phone has a built-in wireless charging receiver, you just need to buy a wireless charging transmitter. If your phone has no built-in wireless charging receiver, then you also need to buy an external wireless charging receiver, so that your mobile phone can achieve wireless charging.

【Plastic Tiny Tag – Stable and Durable】Plastic tiny tag with higher quality to wear comparing with ordinary tag, which is more waterproof and stain-resistant. Precise technique process produces stable and durable magic tags with more excellent transmission performance.

【Slim Design】Nillkin Qi Receiver for iPhone or Samsung and others makes quick wireless charging without cable. Change to a new form of wireless charging, utilize all the available space of the phone in a small portable form factor.

【Absorbing Materials】USB-C Qi receiver refers to a kind of material that can absorb electromagnetic wave energy onto its surface. Wireless charging receiver fits easily on any phone without taking up extra space and helps simplify your daytime routine.


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