Transparent Egg Storage Drawer Container


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A great solution for refrigerator organization! This transparent egg storage drawer container is a great addition to any kitchen. This egg storage drawer will keep your eggs and egg products organized and separated while in the refrigerator. It provides great protection from damage, and your eggs will always be easy to find.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly: This egg drawer is hygienic, healthy, non-toxic, strong, and durable.

Large Capacity: The egg drawer has a double-layer design, capacity: 15L, number of eggs: 60 (30 per layer), which can save a lot of space and keep fresh, groove design, each egg is placed separately.

Space-Saving: This drawer provides stackable storage, and it has a drawer-type design.

Dust-Proof and Moisture-Proof: The drawer is easy to carry, save space, and keep the refrigerator tidy.

Clearly Visible: The transparent egg tray design is easy to view, so you can see the remaining amount of eggs without opening the box, and it can hold up to 60 eggs.

Storage places are refrigerators, freezers, food storage rooms, kitchen cabinets, camping and picnics, tables, restaurants.


Material: PP

Lattice Quantity: 30 grids / 60 grids

Package Includes:

1 x Transparent Egg Storage Drawer Container


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