The Strong Craftsman Magnetic Fingertip Screw Holder


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The Strong Craftsman Magnetic Fingertip Screw Holder is a great tool for those who love to try handyman jobs on their own. Keep your Magnetic Screw Holder on your finger while you screw and unscrew. This handy holder is a simple solution to a common problem. The screw holder magnet is simply clipped on your finger, so you can keep your screws in your hand and off the floor. It’s a must-have for repair jobs.

Perfect for seniors attempting to put batteries into their hearing aids, construction workers hoping not to drop as many screws, or just to use around the house when you are fixing some things up, the magnetic fingertip comes in handy in countless situations.

Simply a little sleeve that goes right over your index finger.

It has a magnet embedded into the end of it.

Being able to hold onto metal objects using a single finger.

Made from polyester, spandex, is able to stretch to accommodate most normal-sized human fingers.

Size:3 inches long x 1.12 inches in diameter.

Package Includes: 1 x magnetic fingertip screw holder


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