Stainless Steel Portable Lunch Box


The Stainless Steel Portable Lunch Box is the ideal solution for office lunches, picnics, or taking your lunch on the go. It features a compact design and a compact design that can fit into any small space. Keep your food warm and hydrated for hours with this portable lunch box
  • The lunch box cover can be used as a mobile phone holder.
  • Leak-proof design, easy to use, and safe.
  • Food-grade materials, safety, and hygiene.
  • Easy to clean, healthy, and environmentally friendly.
  • Health and Environmental Protection
  • Flexible lock seal design
Material: stainless steel and PP
Color: White Green, Black Red, Yellow Blue
Weight: About 800g
Size: 27.1cm * 19.7cm * 6.5cm
Style: Modern
Package Included:
OptionA:1x 3-compartment lunch box,1x 4-compartment lunch box
OptionB:1x Soup cup


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