Stainless Steel Easy Egg Slicer Tool


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It feels like more than one cut egg, and a cooked egg is divided into 6 equals, easy to use, excellent kitchen tools, make it easy to process large amounts of food, stainless steel cable Helps reduce eggs to make it a beautiful meal. Additional padlocks are easy to store.

Rugged: Rugged 304 stainless steel, does not rust, no rust, bend, break, or weaken. Stainless steel quality can be safely contacted with eggs and fruits safely.

Polished design: High polished main body and durable stainless steel cable make it a compact kitchen gadget. With a hanging ring, it is easy to store. These caliper pull lock systems have special mounting sites to ensure a smooth, lasting role, which will last for several years.

New products of the best tool: Excellent resistance tools, light, not tired, not rust, easy to clean, use soap and water, do not cook or do not stain.


Material: 304 stainless steel

Product Size: 21 * 6.7 * 2.5cm

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Stainless Steel Easy Egg Slicer Tool


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