Stainless Commercial Easy Vegetable Fruit Slicer


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Save time, labor and valuable workspace with the Easy Vegetable Fruit Slicer. A full-size machine, its highly efficient design takes 60 percent less counter space than other, bulkier units. Razor-sharp blades cut with trouble-free precision, thanks to a unique self-lubricating track material that resists misalignment problems that cause nicks and broken blades. Vertical handles and protective guards improve user comfort and safety. Cleans up quickly and easily. Scalloped blade option available on all models. 


This Stainless Commercial Easy Vegetable Fruit Slicer is perfect for any kitchen. It can slice a large variety of fruits and vegetables with ease, making it the perfect addition to your cutting board. The stainless steel blade will not rust or corrode so you can use this slicer without worry about damaging your blade!

Product size: 37x18x23cm



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