Slow Motion Frame LED Feather Night Light


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If you put a lightweight object on the clip inside the Slow Motion frame, it will move in a stylized slow-motion similar to the visuals you’ll find in the movies. Except, it’s all happening in real-time right in front of your eyes, creating a magical display that’s quite unlike anything else you can buy off a shelf.

“Slow Motion ” is a picture frame that makes real objects appear to move in slow motion. By taking advantage of the limits of human visual perception, this optical illusion sculpture appears to be doing the impossible — right before your eyes. Slow Motion combines technology, science, and art, in order to remind us of the natural mystery, beauty, and wonder that surround us every day.

Key Features

9″ x 11″ x 1.77″ (23cm * 28cm * 4.5cm) pine wood frame

Wall mounting hook

Comes with two starter feathers

Extra rubber bands for mounting objects

Brightness knob

Mode button to change effects


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