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The clamp-on saddle for adding a 90-degree branch to a pipe can be affixed to a drain line on a sink or similar plumbing to drain the water from reverse osmosis systems. The clamp-on saddle is compatible with most under-the-sink RO systems. It will fit on drain pipes of 25mm, 32mm, and 50mm in diameter, suitable for PE and for PVC pipes.

Drain Saddle Valve for RO Systems: The drain saddle valve connects the drain tube of the reverse osmosis (RO) system to the sink drain pipe, a great component used for connecting, terminating, controlling flow, and changing the direction of piping in many different industries.

Quick Connect: The featured 1/2 in. /1in. / 3/4 in.quick connect fitting allows easy installation and disconnection, suitable for adding a 90-degree branch to pipes for chemical processing, industrial plating, chilled water distribution, deionized water lines, and chemical drainage and wastewater treatment systems.

Anti Pressure, Anti-Corrosion, Wear-Resistant: Female NPT outlet with stainless steel reinforcement for connecting to pipes or fittings with male NPT threaded ends PE for strength and resistance to chemicals and corrosion, and an EPDM seal for resistance to oil, water, and some solvents.

Easy to Install: This drain saddle valve comes with bolts, nuts, and clamps for you to connect the drain tube of the RO system to the sink drain pipe. Installation is intuitive and convenient.

Technical Details:

Product Weight: 150G
Material: Plastic

Package Included:
1 × Clamp-on Saddle


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