Portable Newborn Baby Easy Bathtub


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The clip-on suction cup is very easy to install. A great product for washing newborn babies!

• Make the legs face the wall, ensuring that the suction cup grips the washbasin firmly.

• Place the baby in the center by a supine posture for washing. (You must not leave the baby during the process)

• Drainage trench, Oval back, Curved tail

Cleaning requires only three steps:

1.Put the butt washing basin into the washing sink.

2. After adjusting the water temperature, you can clean the baby, and you must not leave the baby.


• Material: TPR+PP

• Size: length: about 50*34*15cm/19.69*13.39*5.91in

• Applicable age: Newborn to 18 months (weight ≤ 15kg)

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