Portable Mini Magic Massage Pads


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These nifty little pads can be used anywhere, anytime – meaning you can enjoy a relaxing massage even when you’re on the go.

Instructions for use:

Installation: Take out two massage patches from the charging box, and align the patches with the magnetic buckles of the two hosts to make them fit together

Paste: tear off the protective film on the massage patch (put the protective film back in the charging box to prevent loss), and stick the massage patch on the part that needs to be massaged

Power on: short press the power button, the product starts to work

Intensity adjustment: press the “+” or “-” key to increase or decrease the intensity, there are 16 intensity levels in total, only when the maximum or minimum level is reached, the buzzer beeps twice, and the others are “di” One sound, you can choose the intensity that suits you for massage

Adjustment mode: “M” key is mode switching, 6 modes can be switched cyclically (the buzzer beeps once for the first 5 modes, and the buzzer beeps twice for switching to the last mode). In a mode, the intensity is automatically classified as 1 file.

The schema is customized as follows:

  • 01. Thumper Mode
  • 02. Kneading mode
  • 03. Smart Mode
  • 04. Soothing mode
  • 05. Gua Sha Mode
  • 06. Press mode

The host is separated from the patch: remove the host during the operation of the host, the red light of the host will flash, and after about 2 minutes, it will automatically shut down with two beeps. After removing the host and then assembling it on the patch, you need to press the host switch. Key to redo the operation

 End of massage: automatically shut down after 15 minutes of massage, or short press the switch, and then put the protective film back on the massage patch and put it back into the charging box together with the host


  • Max Speed: Body Massage Stickers
  • Gyro: Relieve Fatigue
  • Feature 4:: 1 stick can use about 30 times
  • Feature 3:: 15 min for one times
  • Feature 2:: 6 massage modes

What’s in the Box:

Please see the variants for reference


2 reviews for Portable Mini Magic Massage Pads

  1. Jaqueline Phipps
    October 27, 2021
    best product. recommended
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    Aliya Fernandez
    August 4, 2021
    Nice pulse massage.
    Cool design, like wireless headphones.
    Everything works as it should
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