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Sliding the automatic floss box gently, the floss will out and can be reused. Sealed design, waterproof and dustproof, keep dental floss clean, safe and hygienic. The portable toothpick box is as small as lipstick and can be easily put in a wallet, briefcase, or pocket. You can easily carry dental floss and use it at any time.

  • It is more healthy, hygienic and safer to store dental floss in a portable box. This automatic floss box can store 10 flosses.
  • Easy to carry, use dental floss anytime, anywhere! It is very suitable for use at home, office, picnic, car and travel.
  • Dental floss is made of food-grade polymer, safety guard, high toughness, strong tensile force, smooth round floss, and does not hurt teeth. It is not easy to break and is resistant to bending.
  • The dental machine design is convenient to clean the teeth without expanding the gap between the teeth. The end elbow of the dental floss can be used as a toothpick to clean large debris.

Material: Polymer, ABS

What’s in The Box:
1x Portable Automatic Flosser Dispenser Box
10x floss

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