Outdoor Windproof Jet Powerful Turbine Lighter


This windproof lighter is perfect for any outdoor adventure. It’s designed to be used in harsh weather conditions and even in the rain! The jet flame creates a powerful, long-lasting light that will never go out no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

  • The flame height can be adjusted from low to high, and it includes a protective cap for the nozzle when not in use.
  • This product would be perfect for any outdoorsman who needs something that will work no matter what the weather conditions are!
  • Enjoy life on your next camping trip or fishing expedition with this durable and dependable lighter!

    Material: Metal
    Oil Type: Gas Butane
    size: 170*35mm – 6.6*1.3in
    weight: 170g

    Package includes:
    1x Outdoor Windproof Jet Powerful Turbine Lighter


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