Outdoor Game Aircraft Swivel Catapult Launcher


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What a fun way to spend some time outside with friends. This toy catapult launcher is a fun game. The Outdoor Game Aircraft Catapult Launcher is an outdoor game. It is a great addition to any outdoor game. This catapult launcher is made of durable plastic. This lightweight launcher is easy to use and easy to store.


Children will learn how to and control aircraft toys, in a practical way to help their children develop coordination and critical thinking skills, and will also improve their hand-eye combination, coordination, observation, and sense of direction.

Outdoor sports are beneficial to children’s health. As long as the children are given a chance to throw these gliders, they will stay away from the computer, TV, and play in the playroom or outdoors for a few hours.

These airplane toys are made of EPP polymer materials, which are light in weight, flexible, and impact resistant. The product has been safety tested and is suitable for use by children. Even if the plane hits him/her while landing, it will not harm your child. Easy to assemble, no battery required, enjoy the game at any time.

The whole family can spend a happy time in the backyard, beach, grass, yard, front door, park, and other open areas. Help improve parent-child relationship. Let the children play together. This will encourage children to share and negotiate, and allow them to learn friendly games while playing.

Playing with children can enhance the parent-child relationship. Relieve stress and with the help of an outdoor glider.

Package Includes:

1 x foam ejection airplane toy

1 x aircraft


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