Multifunctional Universal Car Armrest Storage Box


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A multifunctional universal car armrest storage box with side pockets is specially designed for car drivers and front-seat passengers to place small items like water bottles, cell phones, wallets, keys, sunglasses, and more while driving. It is a practical storage box for a car. The car armrest storage box is a new product of perfect quality at a reasonable price. It is one of the necessary car accessories.

Relax the elbow with the soft surface.

With dual USB charging ports, it can charge the phone for the front or rest seat.

As a storage box, it can store small things and water glasses.


Material: PU Leather + Plastics
Size: 40.5X16.8X6.5cm
Color: Black / Red
Type: Type A / Type B

Package Included:

Type A: with Curved surface. adjust the position to perfect support the elbow.
Type B: with Horizontal surface. also could adjust the position to perfect support the elbow.


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