Modern Printed Elastic Sofa Cover


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Stretch Sofa Cover is a perfect choice for people who want to protect their sofa set from dust, pet and children’s hair, etc. It is very fashionable and practical.

Stretchable elastic, it is very comfortable to sit on. The material is good and smooth, which gives you a good feeling after you put it on. It is also very easy to clean.

These Stretch Sofa Cover furniture slipcovers can not only prevent dirt but also cover up your old furniture to make your old furniture appear brand new!

Couch covers are functional, beautiful, and save you money by extending the life of your couch.

Measuring Guide:

Measure the length between A to B, then choose the correct option.

1-seater, length of the sofa should be within 90-140 cm ·

2-seater, length of the sofa should be within 145-190 cm ·

3-seater, Length of the sofa should be 195-230 cm ·

4-seater, length of the sofa should be 235-300 cm Kindly measure the size of your sofa carefully.

(For example,if the length of A-B is 170cm, you need to choose the option

2seater 145-190cm. ·)

Take account of the armrests too. If you do not take the armrests into account, the sofa cover might not fit on your sofa


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