Intelligent Pulse USB Charging Foot Massager


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This foot massage pad is suitable for people of all ages and genders. For women, wearing high heels all day causes pain and fatigue at night. In men, it can give a feeling of fatigue due to standing all day. Older people complain of leg pain. Our foot massage pad will help you solve all these problems and make you feel a little more comfortable. You can feel relaxed in your whole body thanks to the massage it gives to the special areas of the feet. Relieve your pain and be ready for the next day!

Charging model: built-in lithium battery, 6 modes, and 15 levels of power

Digital display model: built-in lithium battery, 6 modes, and 9 levels of strength

Battery model: without battery, 6 modes, and 9 levels of strength.

Remote control model: built-in lithium battery, 6 modes, and 9 speeds, both the remote control and the host are charged by USB

The battery models use 3AAA batteries(Not included ), and the rechargeable models, digital display models, and remote control models all use USB charging.

Instructions :
1. Lay the foot massage cushion flat, turn on the remote control, and adjust it to your own strength.

2. Press and hold M / + for three seconds to turn on the host, turn off and press OFF /-to zero position, then press and hold M to turn off.

3. The host has six massage modes to switch: kneading, thumping, acupuncture, massage, acupressure, and pulse.

4. Strength adjustment. Press ON / + to increase the intensity; press oFF /-to decrease the intensity.

5. It is recommended to use 30 minutes each time, 1 to 2 times a day.

6. It is better to use the instrument 30 minutes after a meal or a bath.

Size : 32cm * 29cm * 2.8cm
Power supply: USB
Massage principle: vibration
Mode intensity: 6 modes, 9 intensity
Working voltage: 3.7V
Working time: 15 minutes
Working current: 15mA


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