Inflatable Large Pool Tank with Spray Gun


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Playing is a child’s nature. Swimming pool floats can attract children to the pool so that children are no longer afraid of water. At the same time, the pool raft can also exercise children’s balance ability in the water!
Do you want to spend a pleasant and unforgettable summer vacation? This inflatable pool lounge chair will take you to experience a different dream summer and let you enjoy a happy parent-child time!

Cool Summer: With this inflatable swimming ring, you can easily float on the water and enjoy the cool feeling. If you are lying on it, please do not fall asleep, otherwise, it is dangerous.

Pool Floating Fun: Every child likes to play in the water, especially in the hot summer. Our pool buoys will surprise your children! Don't wait, come, and enjoy the fun of water with your kids!

PVC Material: Made of eco-friendly PVC, durable, safe, non-toxic. It will never harm your skin.

Play Water Spray Game: Tired of swimming? Come and try the water spray game! At night, you can put the water sprayer on the floating row in front of the aquarium swimming pool. Different ways to play, let you have fun in the sun!

Easy to Inflate and Deflate: This inflatable raft is suitable for ordinary household air pumps (not included). It takes less than 5 minutes to inflate the float. You only need to pinch the internal air valve. Empty within 2 minutes. Inflate or deflate easily and quickly, making your vacation easy.


Inner Diameter: about 80cm/31.5in
Outer Diameter: about 155cm/61in
Weight: about 2.7kg
Suitable For: children, adults

Note: Children must be used under the guidance of adults.

Packing List:
1*Inflatable Swimming Ring


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