Inflatable Dry Swimming Floating Bag


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Keep your valuables safe and dry while you swim or snorkel with this inflatable swim buoy bag. The unit includes a dry bag that can be rolled down, clipped closed, and inflated to make it a floating buoy. It is attached to you while you are in the water to assist you with floating and swimming. The Inflatable Safety Buoy Air Dry Bag features a flexible collar with two buckles that can be adjusted to fit your arm size. This air and water-tight bag enable you to place your belongings inside the dry bag, roll down the top, clip to close and inflate to make it float. You’ll be able to keep your valuables close while you enjoy swimming or snorkeling. It’s perfect for boating and other sports too!

Keep your personal items safe and dry while swimming or snorkeling with this swim buoy and dry bag.

Place your articles inside the dry bag, roll down the top, clip to close, and inflate to make it float.

Attach to your body to assist you with floating and swimming while keeping your personal items close by.

Durable waterproof PVC material.

Lightweight and easy to carry as a dry bag out of the water.

Suitable for swimming, snorkeling, paddleboard, other water sports.

The bright orange color makes it easy to see in the water and acts as a marker buoy to boaters.

Capacity: 28L/15L

Package Includes: 1* 15L Swimming Buoy OR 1* 28L Swimming Buoy


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