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The Honeycomb JarHoney Dispenser is a perfect companion for your honey jars. It is designed to dispense honey from the honey jars and store the honey jars standing up. The silicone squeeze dispenser stretches to get every last drop of honey out of the bottle. The elegant glass bottle looks great on any table and would make a lovely gift for a honey lover in your life.

Just fill the glass base with warm water, place the jarhoney dispenser on the top, and wait a few minutes for the honey to heat up. Slide the top of the trigger release, pour out the required amount of honey, then release the trigger to close the opening tightly and safely.

  • The jarhoney dispenser is shaped into a fun, attractive honeycomb design.
  • Stops those messy honey leaks while making your honey immediately available.
  • No waiting and shaking the container to get your favorite sauce flowing.
  • Simply press the release on the handle, and it instantly flows out the bottom. Let go of the release, and it immediately stops with no drips or messy trails.
  • The jarhoney dispenser comes with its very own bottom stopper, keeping your honey server airtight, acting as a beautiful bee decor.
  • Use this to put honey in tea, syrup dispenser on pancakes, and even in coffee, without your honey getting clumpy.
  • This also squeezes sauce bottles, so you can get every last drop of condiments and sauces.


Material: Acrylic + ABS

Size: 14.3 x 8 x 8 cm (Approx.)

Color: Transparent + Silver

Package Includes:

1 x Honeycomb JarHoney Dispenser


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