Golden Blossom Sunflower Soft Seat Cushion


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We all know how important it is to have a comfortable chair to sit in, whether it’s at our desk at work or at home in our living room. But sometimes, even the most comfortable chairs can start to feel a little bit uncomfortable after sitting in them for a while. That’s where the Golden Blossom Sunflower Soft Seat Cushion comes in! 

This wonderful cushion is made of soft, comfortable fabric and is filled with foam that conforms to your body. The Sunflower design is not only pretty to look at, but also helps to keep you cool and comfortable while you’re sitting. The Golden Blossom Sunflower Soft Seat Cushion is also great for use in the car or on an airplane. So whether you’re looking for a little extra comfort at work or on the go, this cushion is sure to help. 



Material: Polyester / Cotton
Small size: 62*65cm/24.4*25.6in
Large size: 72*75cm/28.3*29.5in

What’s in The Box:

Please see the variant image as a reference.







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