Foldable Multifunctional Wall-Mounted Shelf Table


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This wall-mounted shelf is the perfect space-saving solution for any room in your home. The shelf is sturdy and extremely easy to install. It also provides additional storage space for books or decorative items.

Shrink freely, change freely, and expand as a table, which can be used as your dining table, desk, computer table, etc.

Can provide you with extra work or dining space, wall-mounted folding table for small spaces can be installed in your kitchen, living room, cafe, study, bedroom, office, and any other wall.

The high-quality air pressure rod is selected, and the bearing capacity is up to 25kg. The recovery force is significantly slower and smoother.

There are foot pads under the table feet, which can be used to adjust the installation height slightly when the floor is uneven, and the adjustment distance is 1 cm.

Easy installation, beautiful and clean for your home interior decoration.


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