Five Grid Rotating Ceramic Breakfast Platter


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Showcase your favorite breakfast items on the Five Grid Rotating Ceramic Breakfast Platter! It’s the perfect serving piece for your morning meal. The five grids allow you to prepare and serve five different portions so that you can have various foods at your morning meal. The platter’s beautiful aesthetic makes it a great addition to any kitchen counter.

Bamboo Bracket: White ceramics with bamboo and wood supports return the nature.

Design with Cover: The classification selection is more intimate with the dustproof and moisture-proof, multi-tank design.

Five Grid Design: Simple design gives you a comfortable and good mood every day.

Easy to Clean: The ceramic surface is delicate, smooth, and easy to clean.

Rotating Platter: The turntable can rotate freely 360 to add fun to your life.


Material: Ceramic

Size: A: 25.5cm / B: 28.8cm

Plate Type: Snack Plates

Package Includes:

1 x Five Grid Rotating Ceramic Breakfast Platter


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