Decorative Simple Artsy Paint Roller


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Decorative Art Rollers are the perfect tool for adding extra detail to any project you’re working on. Whether it’s a wall or ceiling, or even something like furniture, these texture rollers work well on just about anything!

  1. The most common technique for using texture rollers is a “negative” imprinting technique. This means the roller will leave an impression on the surface of your project after it is rolled through the wet material.
  2. These patterned rollers work best when rolled through products like Texture Medium, plasters, and glazes.
  3. They can also be rolled through paints that are not quick drying. Chalk-based paints tend to work well with rollers.
  4. The roller is made of high-quality, durable rubber, measures 7” long, and comes with its own handle.


  • Raw Material: rubber
  • Material: Rubber/plastic/metal
  • Size: 7 Inch

Package Includes:

1 x Decorative Simple Artsy Paint Roller


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