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An incredibly fun and addictive puzzle with a new challenge every day! All you need to do is fit these block pieces into the calendar frame to leave one month and one day showing.

  • It gives you a new challenge every single day of the year. You’ll keep your brain sharp, develop visualization skills and have a lot of fun trying to find the solution.
  • Most puzzles you can solve only once and you’re done. This Daily Calendar Puzzle is an exciting new challenge day after day! This is a puzzle for all ages, young, old and everyone in-between!
  • Each puzzle equals a fold-out calendar, you cross off each day as you find it. Can you find all 365+ solutions? Compete with your friends and family!

Use: Ornaments
Style: Table Calendar
Size :12.5*14 cm
Color :6 colors

Package Included:
1x Creative Daily Playable Puzzle Calendar


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