Colorful Rainfall High Pressure Negative Ion Led Shower Head


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The showerhead is a high-pressure shower head with a variety of features to upgrade your shower experience. The colorful and diversified LED lights will give you a great shower experience, and the high pressure, the super water flow, and the highly efficient negative ion generator will offer you more than just a shower. Use the LED lights to improve your mood before you start your day. The showerhead is the perfect shower head for any bathroom.

  • The mineral balls can purify water, eliminate up to 99% of harmful chlorine and its vapors, reduce residual impurities in water. Improve dry skin, reduce oil secretion, increase cell viability, make the skin smoother and reduces hair loss.
  • Easy to install: It is suitable for most families.
  • Two types of showerheads:

Type1: Temperature control shower head

It can change the colors according to the shower water temperature. Only 3 colors. When the water temperature reaches a specific range. It will be changed into another color. Green color (water temperature <30℃/85℉), blue color (31℃-39℃/85℉-105℉),red color(40℃-50℃/105℉-120℉)

Type2: Automatic multiple colors shower head, no temperature control.

It can automatically change multiple colors at any water temperature.

  • Common feature: Both using water flow to get electricity, no battery.


Material: ABS

Size: 22 x 6 x 2.1cm

Package Includes:

1 x Colorful Rainfall High Pressure Negative Ion Led Shower Head


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