Colorful Easy Wire Storage Socket Organizer


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Open lid design, easy to use, quick storage and organization, bid farewell to clutter.Fine workmanship, good details, neat and beautiful. It is suitable for home power storage, charger plug socket, and cable management. A cable box helps to conceal cords, surge protectors, and power strips, keeping them organized and making them less accessible. The ultimate solution for messy cords on a table or under the desk.

  • Jumbled cords are ugly, stressful, and dangerous
  • The cable management box is the perfect home for unsightly power strips and all of the cords that go with it
  • That mess of cables doesn’t exactly complement your state-of-the-art TV and sound system, and it’s hardly a helper when it comes to productivity at work
  • Use our power strip organizer box at home or in the office to keep cords go away
  • By using our cable hider box, you can keep kid little fingers away from all of your cords
  • Designed these power cord cover to resemble a piece of eye-catching home decor

Material: Plastic
Size: 13*13*30CM
Scenes: desk
Support: Dropshipping
style: Cable Winder
style 2: Storage Box

Package Included: 1 x Rectangular Cable Storage Box Wire Management Socket Power Strip Cord Storage Boxes


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