Ceramic Kitchen Faucet Water Purifier


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Ceramic-composite filter, good filtering effect, easy to clean.No power needed, easy to install and use.It can effectively remove harmful materials in the water, such as scale, heavy metals, chlorine, sediment, rust etc..

  • Made of high-quality plastic material, not easy aging, and very durable.
  • A high-quality filter, removes rusts, sediments, worms, colloids, sediment, and most bacteria.
  • High-speed water flow,2L/min high-speed flow rate gives you plenty of clean water instantly.
  • Switchable water flow type, two water flow types: unfiltered spray or filtered spray.
  • Quickfit tap adapter, easy installation on almost any type of tap with screw thread.
  • Quickfit cartridge, quick, easy, and secure filter cartridge replacement.
  • Patented KD cartridge holder, Patented knock-down cartridge holder ensures easy replacement or cleaning for a ceramic cartridge.
Size:15 x 11 x 5.5cm

Package Include:
1 * Water Filter
1 * Ceramic Cartridge
1 * Sandpaper
1 * Universal Adapter
3 * Internal Thread Adapter
3 * External thread Adapter

1* Replacement Filter


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