Car Side Mirrors Rain Protector


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Prevent sun glare when riding. Maintain a clear view and more safe driving on the raining and snowing days.

• Help to remove raindrops blowing from the top of the mirrored cross.
• Give Your Vehicle A Clean And Elegant Style
• Made by high-quality flexible PVC plastic, which are not easily deformed
• Excellent for safe driving.

Installation instruction:
• 1. Please make sure the surface is thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt, dust and let the surface be completely dry
• 2. Peel off and stick this visor shield along the rearview mirror edge
• 3. Use two hands to hold it for about one min so the double side tape can better stick
• 4. You can also use a hairdryer or heat gun to sufficiently heat up the tape; this will allow the adhesive to better


Package includes:
2x Rearview Mirror rain shield


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