Car Interior Mini Touch Light


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This mini light is the perfect light for any dark car ride. It has a touch-sensitive switch design, making it easy to turn on and off with just one click.

  • The Car Interior Mini Touch Light is a convenient, easy-to-use light that can be installed in any car’s interior. It is small enough not to take up space, and it doesn’t obstruct the driver or passenger’s view.
  • Available everywhere, non-destructive pasting design can be installed in storage boxes, armrest boxes, doors, seat corners, and other dark places to illuminate and find objects.
  • Its touch-sensitive switch design and one-click perspective lighting make it easy for drivers to reach and use when they need light.
  • The Car Interior Mini Touch Light is perfect for late-night drives, and the translucent cover allows you to see without being too bright or blinding.
  • The Car Interior Mini Touch Light is a strong, dustproof, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant light that can be installed in your car.

Material: PVC+LED
Size: 53mm*27mm
Light color: white light
Battery capacity: 120ma
Number of lamp beads: 6
Charging time: 40min

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