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The heated ice scraper is designed to remove ice and snow from your vehicle’s windshield quickly. It’s the best way to get your windshield clean and clear when the temperature drops!

Remove ice and snow from your windshield with this heated ice scraper. The scraper features a heating feature. Plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter socket and scrape away. Quick snow melting help you remove frost shoveling snow and thicker ice and snow, keep the vision clear.

  • When you plug a windshield scraper into the car’s power supply, the snow shovel will automatically heat up.
  • The ice scraper quickly melts the thick snow on the windshield, making it easier for you to travel.
  • A good gift for friends who live in snowy and cold areas.
  • With its soft microfiber, it easily removes dust and dirt without scratching the car surface.
  • Rubber strip wiper can easily remove ice and snow, avoiding damage to car paint.


Material: Plastic + Metal Components

Color: Silver + Black

Weight: 189g

Size: 27cm x 8.5cm x 4cm / 10.6 x 3.3 x 1.6″

Applicable models: universal

Heated Temp: 40-50° (Approx.)

Power Supply: 12V

Electricity Fetching Mode: Cigarette Lighter Hole Power Fetching

Package Includes: 1x Windshield Scraper


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