Car Cover for Winter


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There is no time off duty for your car. While you are resting in your warm home on a cold winter day, your car is exposed to outside weather. In addition to using your car cover in the summer, you should also use it during the winter. It will protect your car from any debris in the snow or inclement weather.

The car cover has a universal design that fits most vehicles. Its breathable design offers protection against harsh weather while allowing air to flow under the cover.

  • On a cold winter morning, it is very time-consuming and tedious, and it is freezing to scrape off the snow and ice on the windshield before going to work or using a car.
  • With this product, the car snow in winter will solve the problem quickly.
  • The car cover will immediately release the windshield from snow, ice and frost!
  • The car cover gives you the most solid protection.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps on each side secure the lid in place, so it does not fall off.
  • This car cover will solve the sun protection problem quickly.


Size: 164cm x 151cm x 248cm (Approx.)

Material: Aluminum Film

Color: Gray

Weight: 700g

Package Includes: 1x Car Cover


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