Camping Emergency Sleeping Bag Blanket Tent


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It can be used for camping, hiking, mountain climbing, jungle trekking and river exploration. Unique design bag. Lightweight and easy to carry. Although it looks like an ordinary nylon bag, it is very complete. There is a strong rope in the bag, the first aid station and the tent itself. It is placed in order, and the whole package looks very compact.

  • The best choice for emergency shelters, life-saving equipment and life-saving tools.
  • In harsh environments, it can be used as a floor covering or sleeping bag lining. It can protect you from the cold and provide you with warmth.
  • A portable emergency tent that can be carried anytime and anywhere. It can be used as your car locker, travel bag, camera bag, etc.
  • In an emergency, the tent can keep the body warm. The use of high-quality insulating polyester film, with wind and water resistance, improves its durability, can be reused, and is very strong.
  • Emergency tents can be installed quickly. Please follow the steps below. Pass the end of the rope and tie it to a solid object, such as a tree. Finally, pull the horns onto a rock or heavy object.
  • The tent has a lot of space. When you are outdoors in an emergency, you can start construction immediately. After the building is completed, it has a spacious space that can accommodate two adults.


Filling: PE

Lining: PE

Fabric: PE

Size: 240 x150x90cm(94.5 x59x35inch)

Package Included: 1 x Camping Emergency Sleeping Bag Blanket Tent


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