Cabinet Refrigerator Safety Kids Door Lock


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Work consistently with the fridge and without attracting any babies’ attention. Can fit most of the refrigerators in the market, no other spare parts and belts are needed for installation. No worry the lock will clamp when opening or closing the fridge.

Easy to Use】Easy to use with one hand and lock by itself, it will get unlocked easily and open the fridge door by pulling the two buttons of the lock in the meantime. The lock will get locked automatically without extra steps. It is hard for babies and children but convenient to open with one hand for adults.

【Nice Appearance】Easy to install because of its special T shape, a larger area for 3M VHB Adhesive tape can make the lock more stable and sturdy. can also be removed easily without any residual and harm to the fridge.

  • Made of high-quality plastic material, durable
  • Perfect for the refrigerator door, cover in the home. To prevent the baby swallowed something by curiosity.
  • To reduce the unnecessary injury for the baby.
  • It is a good way to reduce the damage to your baby


Material: Plastic
Color: White

Package included:
1Pcs Fridge lock


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