Body Building Fitness Slippers


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If you’re looking for some slippers that will have your feet feeling like they’re at the spa, then these Body Building Fitness Slippers are perfect for you! They will work your legs and help you to lose weight. They come in various colors and sizes so that everyone will find their favorite. These slippers are made of high-quality materials and feature an anti-slip sole which means that no matter what surface you step on, your foot won’t slip or slide.

  • Body Building Fitness Slippers are the perfect choice for those who work out and want to keep their feet and legs warm.
  • They’re also great for exercise because they provide extra support, cushioning, and warmth.

Material: EVA
Heel Type: Strange Style
Heel Height: High (5cm-8cm)
M Size: EU 38-40
S Size: EU 35-37

What’s in the Box:
1 pair of Body Building Fitness Slippers


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