Bluetooth Selfie Phone Remote Control


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• Apple systems below 13.4 support! – IOS systems above 13.4 do not support.

• All Android models are available

You only need to link to Bluetooth, no need to set up, no simulator, completely fool-like operation, Apple mobile phone, iPad, Android mobile phone, you can use this remote control normally.

  • Turn the page and like to enter the homepage, and browsing videos can basically be operated without hands.
  • You can use this remote control to fast forward and rewind and one-key mute all the software of YouTube TV series and movie watching.
  • E-book software applications and web pages that turn left and right can be remotely turned through the remote control.
  • Parkour games and some classic games that only need to slide up and down, left and right, such as 2048, can be operated with this remote control without significant delay.

Material: plastic
Folded Length (mm): 55
Support Remote Control: Yes
Communication: bluetooth
Weight (g): 10
Max Extened Length (mm): 55

Package Included:
1x Bluetooth Selfie Phone Remote Control


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