Bath Foot Massage Brush and Srubber


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The bottom of the non-slide bar reduces the need for awkward bending or stretching in your shower or bath, suitable for the elderly and suffering from limited exercise.

More than 1,000 high-quality insoles with soft brush provide a pleasant and relaxing feeling. Perfect treatment after long hours of work or an active exercise!

Cleaning the area between the toes which is difficult to reach.

Drizzle shower and shampoo through the top of the hole, you will soon be able to enjoy the soothing foam.

Suitable for children and adults, suitable for the shape and size of the foot.

Stick to almost any surface; you can even use it to your bathroom wall and gently scrub the bathtub with your feet as you relax.

Type: Brush

Size: 36x23x6.5cm/14.17×9.06×2.56″

Gross weight: 605g

Material: Plastic

Color: Blue/Green/Pink


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