Automatic Easy Packaging Smart Trash Can


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The Automatic Easy Packaging Smart Trash Can uses a garbage bag that is specially designed for the device. The trash bag auto-seals in a few seconds, making it easy to change the bag without touching a thing. With the simple design, you can use the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or office, etc.

Safe and Odorless: Quick packing, pop-up cover, store garbage, safe and odorless.

No Mess: Pull the rope to close the mouth, zero contact with garbage automatically.

Beautiful and Straightforward: The bag is not exposed, beautiful and straightforward. Change the bag neatly.

Space Saving: Use the idle corners, make full use of the gap space.

Automatic Packaging: Drawstring packaging does not dirty hands.

Hidden Garbage Box: Intimate design eliminates the trouble of finding bags.


Material: ABS + TPU

Weight: 1.2kg

Application: Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Office

Package Includes:

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