Automatic Breakfast Egg Roll Maker


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The egg roll machines are fully automatic breakfast cookers; you can mix and match your favorite ingredients, such as bacon, ham, fruit and vegetable, and minced meat; it is the best choice for your breakfast.

The egg master maker has a detachable design for the power cord, and the machine is convenient to move and store.

The non-stick inside of the machine is easy to clean, and it comes with a cleaning brush.

The shell is durable and heat-resistant; a funnel-shaped mouth prevents raw material from spilling over.

Method of use

1. Prepare raw materials, power on.

2. Add oil, salt into the machine (according to personal flavor)and then stir, preheat for about 2 minutes.

3. Add eggs(or you can stir the eggs first) into the machine.

4. Egg roll will come out about 7 minutes later.



Rated voltage: 110-220V

Material: PP, non-stick coating

Weight: 560 g

Package Include:

1*Egg Roll Machine(Bamboo stick + cleaning brush + brush rod + power cord + insulation cover)


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