Aquarium Glass Bubble Oxygen Refiner


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Air refiner, suitable for small fish tanks of about 60 cm/23.62 inches or less, made of high silicon borosilicate glass, nano-atomized air plate, fine bubble generation, high dissolved oxygen rate.

Two Suction Cups: Two suction cups are used to fix the oxygen tube to the cylinder wall, are neat and beautiful, and effectively prevent the oxygen tube from drifting.

Prevent the Water Backflow: 1 wide stop, when the air pump stops working when the power is cut off and is below the water surface, it can effectively prevent the water backflow from damaging the air pump. The material is high-quality, not easy to age, and hard and not easy to break.

Adjust Oxygen Amount: 1 regulating valve, connect the aeration pump to adjust the amount of oxygen, so as to control the bubble density.

Fine Oxygen Bubbles: This set of fish tank accessories can bring fine and even oxygen bubbles to your fish, making your fish tank look like a fairyland.

Name: Air Refiner
Applicable fish tank: < about 100 L
Air plate diameter: about 3.5 cm/1.38 inches
Fish tank size: about 60 cm/23.62 inches contains small fish tanks below
Connectable hose: about 4 mm/0.16 inches in diameter
Material: high silicon boron glass

Packing List:
Air Refiner*1
Suction Cup*2
Stop Valve*1
Regulating Valve*1


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