Anti Slip Sticky Double Sided Tape


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The product is Anti Slip Sticky Double Sided furniture Tape. The tape can be used to stick furniture, carpets, and other items together without the worry of them falling apart. It’s a great alternative for those that are looking for something long-lasting.

  • Gently paste, bid farewell to troubles
  • Sticking firmly, not easy to fall off, good durability
  • Available in two colors
  • Sheets, sofas, carpets are available
  • Easy to handle regardless of thickness


Seamless double-sided fixed mat

Material: PVC+ adhesive

Product weight: 16g

Product size: 0.3*5.3*5.3cm/0.3*6*4cm

Scope of application: household

Color: black, white

Package Included:

5pc Seamless double-sided fixed mat


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