Anti-Slip Bed Cover Clips


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The Anti-Slip Bed Cover Clips is designed to hold your sheets, comforters, and other bed coverings on your bed. Anti-slip Bed Cover Clips will keep your fitted bed sheets from slipping and sliding off your mattress. The clips can be used in many different ways and work perfectly in any bed. Just clip two to your bed, and you’re all set.

If you are tired of your sheets slipping, this needle offers you a great solution.

Made of soft silicone, this needle is safer. You will never worry about being injured by the needle.

We provide you with two different lengths (15mm (thin quilt 2-3 kg) / 25mm (thick quilt 5-12 kg)) soft silicone needles. These silicone needles can meet the needs of different seasons and different thicknesses of quilts.

This soft silicone needle is small and compact. You don’t need to use bulky magnet clips.

This soft silicone needle can also be used to fix sofa covers, hang decorations and curtains.


Material: plastic

Size: 1.5cm

Package Weight: 75g

Package Includes:


Gun needle cover*1

Silicone soft cover*24

Glue needle*200


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