Anti-Dust Handheld Mite Cleaner Vacuum


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This mite vacuum is perfect for those of you who have dust allergies and are looking for a quick way to clean up the mess that your dust-mite allergy has caused. This handheld vacuum can be used on any surface and will help keep your home free from allergens. The anti-dust handheld mite cleaner vacuum is lightweight, easy to use, and compact – making it the perfect tool to take with you when traveling or staying in hotels. It’s also great at removing pet hair.

  • Deep clean: 10000 times/min High frequency rolling beat and 2300 rpm high-speed motor bring.
  • 20 cm wide suction nozzle with a 12000Pa powerful suction.
  • Comes with a good effect and is easy to use.
  • 254nm U-V and 50℃ high-temperature hot air ensure high efficiency of removing pollution.
  • Triple filtration features advanced HEPA filtration.

Color: White
Frequency: 10000 beats/min
Rotating Speed: 2300rpm
Suction: 12000Pa
Rated Input of Charging Stand: 220V~50Hz(US plug)
Rated Power: 350W
Product Weight: 2.3kg
Product Size: 24.80*22.10*13.90cm

Package Included:
1x Anti-Dust Handheld Mite Cleaner Vacuum
1x Brush


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