Adjustable Manual Hand Wrist Corrector


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This fingerboard is made of high-quality velvet and supporting sponge material, which is soft, comfortable and breathable. This fingerboard has Velcro, and you can adjust the tightness, provide strong support and maximum comfort.

Finger protection: Separation and fixation of the five fingers can prevent fingers from flexion, twitching, deformation and deformity. Controls the increase in muscle tone and muscle atrophy of the big fish.

Various supports fixed: It is suitable for fixing various hand rests such as neutral position, rest position, functional position, and anti-pinch.

Wide range of applications: It can be used for finger correction, spasmolysis, wrist fracture, wrist sprain, hand nerve injury, etc.

Material: flannel, support sponge, Velcro
color: grey
Type: left-handed/right-handed
Product size: 18*8*5cm/7.07*3.14*1.97inch(L*W*H)
Weight: 125g/4.41oz

Package Included:

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