4pcs Silicone Steamed Egg Cooker


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This silicone steamed egg cooker helps you make silky, fluffy eggs or other food quickly and easily. Non-stick silicone egg cookers are an easy and mess-free way to cook eggs. This silicone steamer is designed to make cooking eggs easy.

  • The silicone steamer will create perfectly fluffy, moist eggs every time, and it will seal in the flavor.
  • Various shapes design, small and cute.
  • With a lid handle, it is easy to pick up the lid, easy to cook.
  • Simple and convenient to use, clean and hygienic.
  • The egg cooker can be used as an egg poacher, Jelly model, and ice cream mold.
  • With a simple operation, you can make an interesting egg model.


Size: 20 x 8 x 2cm(set) / 7.5x7cm(1pc)

Material: PP

Package Includes:

4pcs Egg Cooker
1x Oil Brush


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