3D Glass Flow Sand Painting Frame


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This is a 3D glass flow sand painting frame. This product will produce an original, one-of-a-kind work of art every time you flip the frame over. It’s perfect for people who want something different in their home or office decor. Watch mountains, valleys and dunes create before your eyes!

  • The 3D Glass Flow Sand Painting Frame is perfect for the person who needs to relax to relieve stress.
  • This product is a frame with sand that moves around, creating a stimulating and relaxing effect when you look through it.
  • The motion of the sands can help relieve stress while also improving your eyesight.
  • That is great for people who need to calm down or want something new to do.


Material: Glass, Acrylic, Flowing Grit

Sizes: 5 Inch: 13x17cm

7 Inch: 17x22cm

10 Inch: 25x30cm

Package Includes:

1 x Flowering Sand Painting


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