360 Rotation Face Tracking Smartphone Holder


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This 360-degree rotation face tracking smartphone holder is a small gadget that can be used to take selfie photos or record video by remote operation. It works like magic! This item is a must-have for any photographer, vlogger, or anyone who wants to take a selfie without the hassle of asking a stranger to snap the photo for you. Use it to take professional-looking photos with your smartphone when you are traveling, at a party, or just about anywhere.

With the 360 Rotation Face Tracking Smartphone Holder, take selfies from any angle without your phone sliding.

The face tracking tripod is a smartphone holder with features such as 360-degree rotation, flexible ball joint, and face tracking capability with a wide-angle lens.

The device enables the smartphone to be positioned exactly where the user wants regardless of the smartphone orientation. The holder is compatible with most smartphones, including iPhone and Android models.

There is two usage scenario for holder: one is put the holder on a desk, the other is put it on a tripod.

There is no need to put a tripod base if you want to use the holder on a desk.

If you need to use a tripod for the holder, please put a tripod base into the pedestal and turn the base too tight.

For the holder build-in battery, we advise you charge the holder for 4 hours before use it.

Open the mobile holder, put your smartphone or tablet to adjust the holder.

Then press the power button for 5 seconds, the holder will turn on, the indicator lamp will shinning, if you need to turn it off, please press the power button 5 seconds again.

Make sure the holder is tightened on your smartphone or tablet before turn on the holder, turn on the holder will automatically tracking one human face(body), the best distance to use the holder is 3-5 meters.

The holder build-in battery inside, please not put the holder in a high temperature or high humidity environment.

Use a hand to rotate the holder is not allowed.

The holder can only track one human face(body), if there are two or more human faces (body), the holder will only tracking one of them.


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