360 Adjustable Foldable Ergonomic Tablet Holder


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The Adjustable Foldable Aluminum Tablet Stand is a multi-axis tablet stand that can greatly improve the height of your tablet or phone. The screen is in line with your eyes, so you can see it better and lets children sit upright while using their devices. This stand folds up for easy portability and adjustment to the perfect angle. This product is an adjustable, foldable aluminum tablet stand that will help children use their devices more comfortably by keeping them at eye level and letting them sit upright instead.

What’s special: The combination of function and material is real practical support. It is suitable for an online class, Live broadcast, drama, video calls, and other occasions.

Sit upright and save the child’s spine: Having a suitable height bracket can greatly reduce the burden on the child’s spin at the same time, correct the sitting posture and cultivate good sitting habits.

Click and don’t shake: Large area metal base for good stability Click, press, and slide the screen during use without shaking.

Foldable ~ No space-occupying: The bracket can be rotated and folded into a stowed state easy to fold. Storage it at any time.

You can adjust the comfort angle: The bracket is designed with a double rotating shaft mechanism with double angle and height adjustment. Comfortable viewing angles can be found at various heights.

Material: Metal
Color: White/Black
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Apply to: 4-13 inch Phone/Tablet

Package Included:
1x Adjustable Foldable Aluminum Tablet Stand


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